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Paul Soliai Foundation USA Sevens Concert - Jan 2014

The Paul Soliai Foundation Concert Series - USA Sevens Las Vegas, NV

SaturdayJanuary 25, 2014

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - THE JOINT

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The Paul Soliai Foundation hosts Samoan film director Tusi Tamasese

The Paul Soliai Foundation hosts Samoan film director Tusi Tamasese

As part of our mission to support Arts education for the Pacific Islander community, the Paul Soliai Foundation was honored to host a private dinner for Samoan filmmaker, Tusi Tamasese and his lovely wife, Melanie, prior to the Sundance Film Festival premiere of his film, The Orator (O Le Tulafale).

The Orator, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival, was selected as a Sundance Spotlight entry. Every Sundance screening of The Orator sold out! The film received positive reviews from the local press, as well as festival audiences.

The Orator is the first feature film shot entirely in Samoa on the island of Upolu in the Samoan language. It is a story "of love, honor and courage. This is cloaked in the language, setting & events that are authentically and uniquely Samoan," according to the film's web site.

The Paul Soliai Foundation wishes to congratulate Tusi on his success and for allowing us to be a part of his Sundance Film Festival experience!

Paul Soliai at the Samoan Sports Awards

NEWS | Samoan Sports Awards

Paul Soliai made his first visit to New Zealand in February 2012 to attend the Samoan Sports Awards. The Samoan Sports Association is an Auckland based not-for-profit organisation recognising outstanding contributions made by Samoans within New Zealand sport.

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Video & Photo credit: Choca Joe

Photo credit: Samoan Sports Award

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